Do I need a visa to travel to Costa Rica?
US Citizens must have a US passport that has at minimum 6 months validity after your schedule departure date. Most countries do not require a visa. Please consult with your travel agent or visit a Costa Rica Consulate for more info.

What is the best season to visit Costa Rica?
Costa Rica has a variety of micro climates. The seasons vary by the region you want to visit. Most popular is the dry season December-April, which is the peak season and busiest. But you can always visit during the green season (rainy season) May-November.

What is the Weather like in Arenal?
Normally temperature range between 70s-80s, lows at night reach the 60s. Warm days and nicely cool evenings. The rain fall will impact the humidity.

Do I need a rental car?
Renting a car is always helpful and gives you independence. Please contact us and we can give you tips for renting or about using our chauffeur service for worry-free transportation in Costa Rica.

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